Light Gauge Steel Framing Screw

Light gauge steel framing, also called cold formed steel framing, steel stud constuction, refers to a construction method that utilizes light gauge steel members for structural framing. It involves the use of thin steel sections or profiles, typically cold-formed from sheet or strip steel, to create the primary structural framework of a building.


Screws for light gauge steel framing are specifically designed for fastening steel studs, tracks, and other components used in light gauge steel framing systems. These screws are engineered to provide secure and reliable connections in structural framing applications.


The difference between JZ Light Steel Framing Screws and Normal Fasteners

Thread Design: Fasteners for light gauge steel framing, such as self-drilling and self-tapping screws, are designed with finer threads compared to normal fasteners. The fine threads are better suited for engaging with the thin steel material of light gauge framing, providing a secure grip without damaging the material.

In addition, JZ Fastener has developed a combined thread, which involves both fine thread and coarse thread in a screw. It is designed specifically to cater to the unique demands of light gauge steel framing. This innovation offers a plethora of benefits that traditional screws simply cannot match.

Head Thickness: After fastening the light gauge steels, it often requires the installation of drywall on the exterior. For this purpose, screws with a relatively thin head size(normally 1.2mm) are needed to avoid creating protrusions when installing the drywall

Corrosion Resistance: Given that light gauge steel framing is often used in interior and exterior applications, corrosion-resistant framing screws are crucial. Fasteners for light gauge steel framing often have coatings or are made from materials that offer enhanced corrosion resistance. While normal fasteners may or may not have specialized coatings or materials for corrosion resistance, depending on their intended use.

Load-Bearing Capacity: Screws for light gauge steel framing are specifically designed to provide sufficient strength and load-bearing capacity for the structural requirements of the framing system. Normal fasteners may not always have the same level of load-bearing capacity, as they are designed for a wide range of general applications.

JZ FASTENER - Light Gauge Steel Framing Screw Series

Needle Point M6.0-24x16 Class4(1500hours salt spray test)


Drilling Point M6.0-24x17

Class4(1500hours salt spray test)

Flat Head Drilling Screw M4.8x16

Class4(1500hours salt spray test)


Hex Head Drilling Screw M4.8x16 Class4(1000hours salt spray test)


Dual Thread Screw M4.8*17

Class4(1500hours salt spray test)


Wing Tek Screw M4.8x32

Class4(1000hours salt spray test)


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