Bi-metal Self Drilling Screw

Bi-metal screws are screws made of two different metals.


Typically, a common combination for bi-metal screws involves the fusion of stainless steel(SS300) and heat-treated carbon steel. Stainless steel(SS300) excels in rust resistance, while heat-treated carbon steel offers superior hardness and drilling capabilities. By combining these two materials, bi-metal screws can provide excellent rust resistance and durability. This design makes bi-metal screws particularly practical in applications where diverse performance characteristics are required.


For projects demanding both high rust resistance and elevated hardness and drilling capabilities, bi-metal screws prove to be valuable. In construction, manufacturing, and other industries, bi-metal screws are frequently used for specialized roofing and other fastening tasks.

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JZ FASTENER employs high-frequency heat treatment techniques to achieve optimal hardness for the drill tip, ensuring exceptional performance in various drilling applications.


Our drill tips are available in five variations, each designed to meet specific drilling requirements for metal sheets ranging from 1 to 12mm in thickness. Whether your project involves thin metal sheets or 12mm purlins, JZ FASTENER's Bi-metal screws are engineered to deliver precision and efficiency.


Experience the versatility of our Bi-metal screws, tailored to address your unique drilling needs. Explore the attached drill tip specifications for detailed information on each variation, and trust JZ FASTENER to provide reliable solutions for your metalworking projects.

Elevate your project's longevity with JZ FASTENER's Bi-metal screws featuring advanced surface treatments for superior corrosion resistance. Our screws undergo meticulous processes such as Zinc coating, Polymer coating(Nihon Ruspert), and Zinc Nickel alloy coating, providing enhanced protection against environmental elements.


For a thorough understanding of our product's corrosion resistance capabilities, we offer comprehensive details, including the duration of salt spray tests. This information equips you with the necessary data to make informed decisions about the suitability of our Bi-metal screws for your specific applications.

Customize your Bi-metal screws to perfection with JZ FASTENER's customization options.


From head shapes (hexagon, pan head, countersunk, and more) to drill tips, threads, and even the incorporation of your company's logo on the head — we offer a spectrum of choices.


Explore our screw specification images and reach out to us for a personalized quote!


  Heat Treated Self Drilling Tip

  High Corrosion Resistant Coatings

  Customize Your Bi-metal Screw

Light Gauge Bi-metal Roofing Screws

-Light Gauge Bi-metal Roofing Screw/Self Drilling Screw

Light Gauge Bi-metal Roofing Screws

-Heavy Gauge Bi-metal Roofing Screw/Self Drilling Screw

Light Gauge Bi-metal Roofing Screws

Light Gauge Bi-metal Roofing Screws

-Stitching Bi-metal Roofing Screw

Designed for stitching sheet metal without the necessity for pre-drilling, these screws feature a self-drilling point and a tapered shank. Sporting a hexagon head and equipped with bonded washer seals, they offer efficient performance. The bi metal screws provides a reliable and durable corrosion-resistance before of the SS304 or SS316 screw body.

Light Gauge Bi-metal Roofing Screws

-Composite Panel Bi-metal Roofing Screw/Self Drilling Screw

Composite panel fixing screws are primarily employed for attaching composite panel sheets to cold-rolled rails and purlins. The high-threads of these screws provide additional support to the top of the sheet, enhancing overall stability. This type of screw fixing eliminates the need for pre-drilling, streamlining the installation process.

Light Gauge Bi-metal Roofing Screws

Bi-metal Wing Tek Screw

Bi-metal wing tek screws feature a welded, hardened carbon steel drill point with sharp drill points, specifically designed for fastening timber to aluminum substrates without the necessity of pre-drilling holes. While small pilot holes can be drilled to expedite insertion speed, bi-metal wing screws are crafted from stainless steel and electro zinc plated, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Light-gauge self-drilling/roofing screws, equipped with #2 or #3 drill tips, are extensively employed in the steel roofing and cladding industry as the predominant method for securing sheets to steel purlins (less than 6mm). The bi-metal screws eliminate the need for pre-drilled holes and can directly drill through steel purlins, thanks to the heated carbon steel drill tip.

Heavy-gauge self-drilling screws are employed to secure sheets to heavy gauge steel purlins up to 12mm in thickness. The primary distinction between heavy-gauge and light-gauge self-drilling screws lies in the drill tip size. To facilitate drilling through thicker purlins, heavy-gauge self-drilling screws are equipped with #4 or #5 drill tips.