Ruspert® coating screw

Ruspert coating (also called ceramic coating) is a high-grade protective coating to prevent metals from corrosion in various pollutive and atmospheric conditions. The surface is usually in silver color but can come in range of colors depending on the application. Ruspert coating consists of three layers:


The 1st layer: Metallic zinc layer

The 2nd layer: Special chemical conversion coating layer

The 3rd layer: Rustproof layer (Baked ceramic surface coating layer)








All JZ Fastener screws with Ruspert coating can provide anti-corrosion performance of 500 hours, 1000 hours and 1500 hours neutral salt spray test. 


The unique feature of Ruspert Coating is the tight joining of the baked ceramic top coating and the chemical conversion film thanks to the cross-linking effect. These three layers are bonded together with the metallic zinc layer through chemical reactions, and this unique method of combining layers results in a rigid and dense combination of the coating films.







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Other benefits of Ruspert® coating screw


1. Low Processing Temperatures: The highest temperature during Ruspert coating will be under 200℃. The low temperature prevents metallurgic      changes from occurring in the metal substrate. It will maintain the mechanical properties of screws when processing. This is particularly  important for self drilling screw, self tapping screw and chipboard screw. Because we need to to ensure the tensile strength and hardness after coating to make sure it won't effect the drilling ability.


2. Timber Preservative Resistance: The high moisture content and salt levels of treated timber will cause screws to corrode at a much faster speed. Ruspert's high resistance to high moisture and salty conditions make it suitable for use in treated timber. Using a Ruspert coating on these screws will have a long life connection than zinc plated or dacromet screws.


3. Contact Corrosion Resistance: Since the free zinc layer is protected from physical contact with other metal surfaces by a non-conductive ceramic top layer, the free zinc layer only provides galvanic protection for the metal substrate. Which means screws coated with Ruspert will not sacrifice its zinc coating to protect the fastener outside the material. This eliminates any contact corrosion problems with other metals or metal-coated materials when used under wet and dry conditions.


Which one should I choose, Ruspert, Zinc plating or Dacromet?

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Product with Ruspert coatings are often used with other zinc based coatings such as zinc plating and dacromet. As with all coatings, their choice depends on the application.


Zinc plating has good adhesion, but the thin coating (-5pm) means poor corrosion resistance, and is only suitable for indoor and low corrosion environment. That is why zinc plating is not recommended for treated timber(hardwood or softwood).


Dacromet coating has good adhesion and improve corrosion resistance, but the layer is susceptible to corrosion when in contact with other metals.


Ruspert's excellent adhesion and corrosion protection make it suitable for applications requiring additional protective elements such as outdoor drilling screws, deck screws and wood screws.